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The Law of Sevens Book & 2 CD Set

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The Law of Sevens Book & 2 CD Set
The Law of Sevens
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This book is a holistic Integration of Quantum physics, western and eastern philosophies, universal laws, and cutting edge business and success principles. It provides an accelerated path to personal and professional health, wealth, and happiness. You will receive the 7 basic tools for solving issues relating to finances, relationships, health, reducing stress, and overcoming obstacles.

What are the Law's of 7?

Spiritually: You will be free to design your life based on inner inspiration rather than outer desperation. 

 You will experience new levels of mental clarity as you release the patterns and guilt from the past and diffuse the doubt and fear of the future. 

 You will learn the skills to do what you would love to do and be handsomely or beautifully paid to do it. 

 You will learn to move away from self-sabotage to self-fulfillment in your financial endeavors. 

 You will learn to use your family dynamic as a power source and be proactive rather than a power drain and be reactive. 

 You will unlock the charisma and magnetic potential of your personality by removing self-limitation and rising above the victim mentality. 

Physically: You will experience vitality and the essence of self-healing as you free yourself from worry, judgment, and uncertainty.
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